Friday, March 22, 2013

Brainwashing 101 with Dave Nelson (YOR Health)

Update 27/03/13 - it seems Dave didn't want anyone to see the delightful video that was the focus of this post, it has now been removed. A happy day for all

Yet another interruption to my main analysis, this video simply could not hide in the shadows. The difficulty with this investigation is that there are just so many interesting aspects of this company, I can barely decide which part to expose and when! YOR Health cronies have decided that I am obviously unsuccessful, and should really focus my efforts on becoming as successful as they all are. However I can assure you, dear entrepreneurs, that the reason I have time to write this educational blog, is because my employment allows me the personal freedom that doesn't require me to spend the majority of my time exploiting friendships.

So, enough about me, today I wish to share a video of Dave's that is so indicative of the tactics these people are using to ensure complete obedience of their followers. This type of mind control suppresses logic and critical thinking, and by planting this mentality early on prepares the gullible listeners for the unavoidable criticism they will soon face.

Dave mentions that in his experience over the past year, those people with negative opinions are the 'brokest' people out there. Expert opinion right there from Dave himself. Now, I really want to refrain from swearing on my blog, because unlike Dave, I believe swearing in a business context shows unprofessionalism, not passion, but Dave's eloquent "fucking strange that" quote is nothing short of disgusting.

We then gain a little insight on human nature; it's natural for naysayers to want to bring successful people down, and successful (I use the term incredibly loosely here) people want to help those below them. This is apparently the way life works. So to clarify, anyone who criticises MLM is a broke, unsuccessful 'shit talker', but anyone involved in MLM are humanitarians who only want to help others. The irony is simply delightful.

Dave seems to really know the intentions of even some of your closest friends. They want you to fail. They don't want to see you succeed! It's subconscious, they don't even know that they are doing it. But Dave does. Dave, and your 'team' are your only friends. The reason your friends want you to fail is because it highlights, and this is a direct quote right here, their piece of shit life. If I can just interrupt here for a moment; there have been times during my short time in the blogosphere where I have felt more sad for Dave than contempt. I have felt sorry for someone who is obviously so lost that he truly believes that he is a part of something great. I believe Dave isn't lying to his people, I believe he is lying to himself. But when he suggests that concerned friends of those caught up in this company are simply parasite, simply pieces of shit that they need to sift through, I remember that nothing I say can be worse than the lies spun by this guy.

Convincing as he may seem (these speakers are usually incredibly electrifying to listen to, aiming to mesmerise and engage your feelings to cloud your judgement), all Dave seems to be doing is rambling off some emotionally provoking statements, which without any critical thinking, hypes people up to inspire them. Keeping in mind that this is posted on the internet, imagine what goes on behind closed doors! I can only imagine there would be an abundance of cheering, encouragement, fist-pumping, and motivational speeches. In a group setting, this serves to cement the bonds between 'friends' (or business partners), keeping them all on a high and increasing belief that they are really a part of something truly important. The 'new era'.

Now I want to end my review with a video which I believe sums Dave's video up quite nicely:


Kitty Meow said...

hi there. Can you please contact me? thought i'd share something with you. thankx.

Commer Perrelation said...

Hi there - of course! Please email Looking forward to it.

Rhy Howe said...

You realise the things your saying like Dave hypes everything up and over dramatizes everything and is a liar and tries to twist people's opinions, is exactly what your doing in this blog jus the other end of the scale... If you really hate it and don't agree with Dave. Why not just not have a part of it and focus your energy into something productive?